About civilence

Civilence is a firm of civil-law notaries, specialised in corporate law.

The civil-law notaries at Civilence work in virtually every area of corporate law.

Civilence has extensive experience and expertise in setting up, designing, maintaining, and altering complex corporate structures, whether it concerns new businesses (joint ventures and start-ups) or established companies, such as multinationals. Given the great importance of taxation aspects in this area, we often work in close partnership with tax specialists, while taking account of the interests of the various directly involved parties, such as shareholders, the management, and employees. In many cases financial considerations, corporate strategy, international aspects, and specific objectives will also play a part.

Civilence also has a great deal of experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions. This often involves working together with lawyers and private equity parties.

Civilence also advises and assists different families and family offices in the setting up of their company structures and keeping them up to date.

Civilence has elected to specialise in the field of corporate law.
Top quality is guaranteed because the work is carried out by teams of experienced corporate lawyers (civil-law notaries and deputy civil-law notaries) who are actively and personally involved. Study, passion, and enjoyment are key factors here.
If you would like to learn more about Civilence, please contact any of the four civil-law notaries.